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Ppower, short for 'Penguin Power', is a piece of UNIX software for controlling x10 home automation equipment connected to the computer via a cm11a interface. It can be used to turn things on and off and lights dim and bright. In addition to controlling the x10 devices, it can receive commands sent to the x10 devices from other sources such as an x10 remote transceiver and execute commands on your system in response.

Ppower uses the GPL license.

The virtue of ppower is that it is designed to run as a daemon at all times, keeping track of the status of the X10 system, taking action on events, queueing requests, and providing information on the events it is receiving to any interested clients.



The latest version is 0.1.5.

Downloads are available through ppower's SourceForge page.

You can create binary and source RPMs from the .tar.gz file by running "rpm -ta ppower-(version).tar.gz".


You can read the man pages for ppower and ppowerd here.

Ppower's ChangeLog.


ppower's SourceForge page.


You can contact the author via email at <swbrown@ucsd.edu>.


X10 Corporation, a place to get X10 hardware.

BlueLava, a web and wap cgi-based interface to X10 which supports ppower.

HEYU!, another X10 controller for Linux.

Xtend, provides X10->UNIX control as a companion to HEYU!.

X10 Corporation's documentation on the X10 protocol and CM11A interface.

BottleRocket, a FireCracker (cm17a) interface for Linux.

Linux Home Automation page by Neil Cherry.

Home control is a web-based front-end for ppower. You can control events or schedule events to happen at a certain time. Runs on Linux or Win32. HomeControl and HomeEvent are CGI scripts so they need to be run on a web server and called up in your browser.

- (C) 1999 Steven Brown <swbrown@ucsd.edu>

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